Pellet Test Results For .177 Caliber Beeman HW97K

The following test results were obtained by shooting pellets from the Straight Shooters Pellet Sampler using a .177 caliber Beeman HW97K fitted with a Bushnell Elite 4200 4-16x40 scope.

The testing was performed outdoors at night (9-10PM) in completely still air.

The target was 34 yards away and shooting was done with the gun laying on a gel mouse pad. Ten shots were taken per pellet type. Every effort was made to use a consistent shooting approach. Pellets were seated using my finger rather than a special device.

From these results, it may be concluded that the most consistant performers from a .177 caliber Beeman HW97K at 34 yards are the JSB Straton, followed by JSB Exact and Crosman Premier.

Images of the targets follow: