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My principal focus is maintaining the GraphicsMagick image processing package. This seems to consume every free cycle of available time. Also, check out the Magick++ C++ API I developed which provides a powerful programming interface to GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick. Long ago I developed the WebMagick software package which helps put images of all kinds on the Web. I also assist with maintenance of GNU libtool, libtiff, and libjpeg.

My GPG public key may be used to verify release files signed by me, or to send me private correspondence.

I am currently working at BeyondEdge Networks, a network technology company offering advanced Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Gigabit Optical Network Terminal (ONT) products.

Potential partners or employers may want to review my resume. This resume was last updated in October, 2010, prior to my employment at iPhotonix (which became BeyondEdge Networks), where I have done a whole lot of challenging stuff.

There is also a light-hearted overview of my professional career to date.

About Me

I have been published! I have written a number of articles for Magazine including the April '95 article entitled Building Your Own WWW Server , the November '96 article on WebNFS: A File System for the Web , the April '97 article entitled " Expect Offers Unix Scripting ", the November '97 article entitled " Autoconf Makes for Portable Software ", the February '98 article entitled " Writing JavaScript Applications " and the July '98 article regarding the POSIX Real-Time APIs. Unfortunately, BYTE was purchased from McGraw Hill by CMP, all staffers were immediately fired, and the magazine was discontinued as of the July '98 issue. Unfortunately, now content is gone entirely. The article on Web servers was one of the first articles in a major magazine to introduce the term "Intranet" and to recognize its importance. Given that the article was actually written in mid '94, maybe someone should give me a medal or something. :-)

I served as an expert reviewer for the late W. Richard Stevens' Unix Network Programming Volumes I and II as well as for several other fine books. W. Richard Stevens will always be remembered for his selfless contributions to Unix programmers and his willingness to respond immediately to almost any question.

Vital Statistics

My hobbies are developing GraphicsMagick, shooting my air rifles, programming in C, C++, and PERL, exploring UNIX, searching for the software flywheel , and thinking about working on my old ('78) Jeep CJ5 while I polish my '91 Toyota MR-2 (see fantastic MR-2 web site ). I like to think that I hike and 4WD as hobbies but unfortunately I only get the opportunity for this about once a decade. Several years ago, I built a first-class home theater with HDTV in my living room.

Why is my email address so strange? I have been using the mail domain since 1992. Unlike people who take up residence at AOL, Yahoo!, or Hotmail, my email address is stable and is capable of following me regardless of my current Internet provider. The addresses or will also reach me. Please do not send any SPAM to these email addresses since we get our SPAM in a can at the store.

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